The Neosepec is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of industrial process automation.

Our work aims to replace or reduce manpower used in the production process, increasing production and improving the quality of the final product.

Intervention Area

Our intervention area covers the industrial automation process, from conception through the project 3D to implementation of the equipment.

Design, development and implementation of special equipment in several areas of the industry. We respond quickly to specific solutions, developing technical solutions to the customer's measure.

The design of equipment favor the customer experience, with the same active part in the development of equipment.


Development is done in 3D drawings, the implementation of parts is done on CNC equipment and the installation of all equipment is performed by experienced technicians.

All equipment is tested in terms of reliability and functionality.

Why work with us?

Company specializes in the design;

Increase production;

Improve the quality of the final product;

We privilege the customer experience;

Experienced technicians;

Equipment is tested in terms of reliability and functionality.